Quotes of Osho on leaders and assistants in groups

« A group leader is not only a leader, a group leader has to be a father, has to be a mother, a lover, a beloved, a child, a brother, a sister. A group leader has to be so many things together; otherwise a group leader is not really a group leader. If you are just a leader you know the technological aspect of it, but that won’t help much. You have to be many more things. You have to be all aspects of humanity. They all will be needed. Sometimes the group will need you as a mother- then be a mother. And you have to be very flexible so you can fit into any role.

You should not have a very fixed attitude : be flowing. And the assistants particularly have to be taken care of. See, there is a problem: when somebody assists, he feels humiliated just by the very fact that he is an assistant. Just the very idea that he is simply an assistant is humiliating. So the leader has to look after this, that the person should not feel humiliated. A respect, deep respect should be given to him, and then you can take as much work from your assistants as you want and they will never feel hurt. They will be happy to do work. In fact the more you require, the more you demand, the more they will feel happy, but a deep respect is needed so they don’t just feel that they are being used as means.

The group leader has one thing, he is the leader, so automatically he is in the centre; the assistant is in the shadow. A good group leader will help the assistant to be more and more in the light so his humiliation is not there and by and by he can drop it and forget about it. So more and more the assistant becomes a co-leader, not an assistant. A co-leadership needs to be developed in our groups, otherwise this problem is bound to arise again and again. And it will happen: in the beginning you will find a new person, he will be happy. After a few months when he has learned all the techniques, he will want to participate in the leadership. That desire is human and natural. And if you don’t allow, he will start reacting, rebelling, will start resisting you, will not like to work, or will work just anyhow, doing it as a duty; he will lose interest in it. So you have to remember this.

So whenever you feel that somebody is feeling hurt, become more aware, become more loving,care more. A little care goes very deep and helps tremendously. Give the idea to the assistants that they are co-leaders: they cooperate with you, they don’t assist you. Just a change of words sometimes can be of tremendous significance. »